Breastfeeding in public


We all have questions,
so please feel welcome to reach out to us
and ask anything that you need
clarification on.

Q. How does this work, exactly?

A. The tank acts as a midsection coverup.  You pick you're most comfortable bra, throw on the naked tank and have the neck line sit right beneath your chest, and then put on your favourite shirt right out of your closet.  
When you lift your shirt up to breastfeed, your tummy and back stay covered, and you have easy access to your breast.

Q. Why is this a better option than a nursing tank that comes with the bra built in or one that has hooks/loops that go directly onto your nursing bra?

A. Great question.  Our tanks are designed to provide the most comfort and the least resistance to breastfeeding.  Tanks that come with the bra built in often provide little to no support, and moms then end up having to wear a supportive nursing bra underneath anyways, adding one more layer to get through when trying to access her breast-->Not Easy, Not Comfortable.
Tanks that attach to your nursing bra limit you to from wearing sports bras and regular bras.  A lot of moms need the extra support that they get from a sports bra and our low scooped neckline allow our mamas to just lift up their sports bra from the chest band up and over their breasts.  The same holds true for our moms that are able to lift the bottom their regular bras up and over their breasts for breastfeeding.-->Easy Peasy :)

Q. I have a long torso, will these fit?
A. Yes! And YAY!!  I have a pretty long torso and I hate it when tanks ride up, so we ended up putting an extra 4 inches on the bottom to help prevent the dreaded *ride-up* and made it easier to tuck in.

Q. Can I wear this during pregnancy?
A. Bamboo - Yes      Cotton - Kind of, but only until around the 4-5 month mark, or you will risk stretching out and potentially breaking the fibres and the tank won't be able to return to it's original size.

Q. What size do I buy?
A. We recommend getting your pre-pregnancy size.