About Us

Welcome to Naked Tank! 

We're a family-owned business, bringing confidence, ease, and comfort to your breastfeeding journey.

Our breastfeeding tanks are designed with YOU in mind.

The support and comfort they provide, help you nourish your little one with ease, releasing you of the hassle of extra layers and clips, while allowing you to enjoy the calm, quiet moments of holding your baby near your heart.

Naked Nursing Tanks give you the confidence to navigate your breastfeeding journey in your own signature style. It's the perfect baselayer that saves you money by turning every shirt into a nursing shirt.

If motherhood was a book, breastfeeding would be a monumental chapter. Let’s begin your journey with the tank to bridge your re-birth into this next chapter of your life.

Our passion has led to changing the lives of thousands of mothers

by creating our award-winning nursing tanks, manufactured right here in Canada.

We’re proud to support the Canadian economy and to be a part of its small, family-run business landscape.

It’s part of our company culture to give back. A portion of every order is donated to moms in need through organizations taking action to make this world a brighter place with a priority on maternal health equity in North America.


Our Story 

Hey, I’m Heather, the owner of Naked Tank. 

Our story began 10 years ago with the birth of my cousin Jen’s second baby. Everything about breastfeeding exhilarated her - the connection, the calm, the rewarding ‘coo’ from her happy baby’s full belly.

But Jen constantly had one struggle when it came time to breastfeed; she had no easy access to nurse, especially while wearing sports bras, as the standard-sized nursing tanks left her feeling either too stifled or too unsupported.

It occurred to Jen that the problem could be solved by a simple redesign of the tank’s bust area to accommodate her choice of bra.

And just like that, she partnered up with her friend Carrie and with their dedication to providing the perfect solution for breastfeeding moms everywhere and the support of our family,

The Naked Nursing Tank was born!


As a mother of two and a passionate entrepreneur, serving and empowering other moms along their postpartum journey was a perfect fit for me.

I love knowing that I’m contributing to Naked Tank’s mission of helping breastfeeding moms feel more supported and bring ease, confidence, and comfort into their journey.

Moms say that the Naked Nursing Tank is a must-have clothing item. It not only looks good but feels amazing on their skin. It gives them confidence and privacy when needed--and the money saved on breastfeeding clothes is a huge plus.

It’s feedback like this that keeps me doing what I’m doing. I feel blessed to know that I’m not just running a business, I’m making a difference.

Finally, I want to say that I see you, acknowledge you, and honor you as a mother. You are magnificent.


With love,  Heather  


"When you need to be naked, We've got you covered."  

Made by moms, for moms.