The latest MUST-HAVE for an expecting mother: The New Mama Celebration Planner

Hello mamas!

It’s time to revolutionize baby shower etiquette by adding in New Mommy must-haves that support you as you prepare for motherhood. Whether this is your first child, or 5th, Naked Tank is on a mission to make it the norm for mother’s to be and feel supported during your first year of motherhood and beyond. 

It may feel scary, but what if the answer to feeling supported in motherhood started within ourselves? Stay with me...

What if, as a new mother, you felt confident that it was not only okay to dedicate time to yourself each day, but actually a gift to your baby and loved ones. While you may be used to “doing it all,” motherhood invites a new opportunity for personal growth, for a new perspective. One where we allow ourselves to be supported by others, trusting that we aren’t supposed to do motherhood alone. Release the ugly head of mom guilt that looms over so many mothers and take back your power!

It’s time to cut the noise and get back to basics: who you are, as an individual, as a human who is also a mother. It’s time to connect with yourself and feel empowered on your journey!

Rather than the word and role “mother” or “parent” feeling all-consuming, by connecting with the most important person in your life- YOU, you can come back to your truth and bring that energy into the moments of motherhood where you feel you’re losing your way. 

What brings you joy? What do you love to do? Take a moment now to go within and think of things you loved to do as a child. What memories stir up the feelings of pure love and joy? of ease, of FUN?

What do you feel in your body? Are you smiling? Do you feel lighter?  

So often, we hear of people losing themselves in motherhood, I was one of them. It makes sense- the demands of a newborn while healing and adjusting your own transformed body you see looking back at you in the mirror, plus the stark changes to your closest relationships now that your baby has arrived and is dependent on *you* to meet their needs.

What if it wasn’t this way? What if we felt Welcomed into Motherhood. With a guide that had us listening to our own inner voice, and being prepared with external resources to call on as needed- we truly aren’t meant to do motherhood alone. What if the norm was to have deeper conversations as a couple and make a game plan for how you can show up for one another during this time. What if postpartum care was included in your registry to have some external help to support you and your family? This is what we’re moving towards!

Every baby is unique so we can do the research, prepare the nursery, and the fact remains, inevitably we will be hit with curveballs along the way. It’s how we manage the curve balls that impacts our wellbeing postpartum. 

This revolutionizing of postpartum begins, ideally, BEFORE your baby arrives. If we accept that curveballs are going to happen, and that we’re really all just making it up as we go anyways, what *can* we control? 


When you dedicate time to connect with yourself throughout your pregnancy- when you aren’t focused on feeding, rest, and diaper changes- you can better tune in to recognizing your needs when your baby has arrived, and gain practice sharing your needs with your support system.

The New Mama Celebration Planner was designed to do just that, Empower you to be tuned in with yourself, to trust yourself and respond to your needs, whether that’s something you can do alone or with external support. 


Your “Welcome to Motherhood” guide is broken into three sections to have you feeling connected with YOU during the transition into motherhood and beyond. With journal prompts to Prepare for Postpartum, a Welcome to Motherhood, and Celebration Planner with monthly, weekly, and daily prompts, you are grounded each day as you affirm that you are enough and you are the best mother for your baby.

This planner is far from your traditional planner format. Rather than the hours of a day listed, we’ve opted for a layout that supports you by bringing your attention to specific actions and habits that support YOU on your journey. Prompts for you to tune in with your inner voice and what you need to hear and feel. You feel supported from the inside out because it connects you with you- a morning pep talk, daily wellbeing actions, and evening celebration and reflection. 

“The days are long and the years are short” is a quote that always comes to mind when I think of parenthood. The first 4 months of my son’s life flew by- most of what I recall is sitting on the couch, my back aching, and my baby latched for hours a day- this isn’t to scare you, this is the reason why I was driven to create this planner. As a guide for a different experience. To ride the waves of the unknown by having a steady foundation of knowing yourself and honoring your needs. 

Harvest the good and release the rest. 

The New Mama Celebration Planner was designed with you in mind and is the top gift to add to your upcoming baby shower list. This is a safe place to recall joyful memories, set your intentions, and celebrate yourself for wins for big and small. 

Here are two great sites for freedom in building your baby registry your way:

Baby List:

My Registry:  

When you are thriving, your baby thrives, your family thrives, you lead by example for those around you to thrive, and the ripple effect continues. 

The New Mama Celebration Planner launches August 23rd, 2022!

AVAILABLE *NOW* on Amazon & Chapters/Indigo


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With love and gratitude,

-Heather xo 

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